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QR Code

Your QR code serves as the exclusive key to events for which you've purchased tickets. It's the sole element required for scanning upon your event attendance. Regardless of internet connectivity, whether through Wi-Fi, data or No internet connection, you can always access your QR code. This ensures a hassle-free entry process, offering convenience and reliability even in scenarios where online connectivity may be limited.

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View all your tickets in a single convenient location, gathering and showcasing the entirety of your ticket collection. Each ticket holds a memory, and by centralizing them, you create a tangible display of cherished experiences. Your tickets become more than just entries; they transform into a vibrant tapestry of meaningful moments, ready to be revisited and celebrated.

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Stay connected with organizers by following them and expressing your interest in events through likes. By doing so, when an organizer announces a new event, it will promptly appear on your favorites screen, keeping you informed and engaged. Liking an event serves as a convenient way to bookmark it for swift access when you're ready to purchase a ticket. This streamlined process ensures that you never miss out on exciting opportunities and makes event planning more seamless and enjoyable.

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Stubi APP lets customers attend events and show proof of ticket ownership with out the need for internet connection or data!

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